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With an award-winning and extensive project portfolio in the education sector, Bouygues UK is at the forefront of providing future-proof, high-quality facilities for our next generation.

To date, we have delivered:

54 primary schools

231 secondary schools

66 further education facilities

152 higher education facilities

The structures we deliver are not just buildings, but gateways to brighter futures. With a longstanding commitment to creating schools for the Department for Education and other key clients within the sector, Bouygues UK tailors each project to embrace the unique needs of pupils and their communities.

The well-being of both students and staff is our priority. Through close collaboration with clients and partners, we ensure every facility reflects the highest standards of quality and innovation.

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, striving for net zero carbon schools and embracing timber construction by 2030. Biophilic design principles permeate our spaces, fostering connections to the natural world and nurturing mental and physical health.

Our partnership approach ensures that every project is a triumph, enhancing educational experiences and bringing lasting benefits to our society.

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